Mary L.

"Angie is a gift from god! Having struggled to get pregnant for 3 years I finally conceived! I was nervous about a miscarriage but didn’t want to give up my pescatarian eating habits (def- a person that eats like a vegetarian but also eats fish) and wanted to make sure my baby zygote was getting all the nutrition it needed to grow strong and healthy; I decided to get some professional help from a nutritionist.

With Angie’s help I was able to manage my weight gain, tackle the aches and pains of pregnancy, and conquer the evil food cravings of Blizzards from Dairy Queen. She helped me overcome nausea, heartburn, and acid reflux as well as helped me find ways to make sure I was drinking enough water to stay hydrated.  I felt confident that I was eating the right foods to make sure my baby was getting a balanced diet while still being able to stick to my original diet choices.

Sure enough, 9 months later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy! The doctor was impressed he came out clean as a whistle (a sign of balanced ph) and was attached to the healthiest umbilical chord she had ever seen. Even after my baby was born, Angie helped me make sure I was eating a healthy breastfeeding diet and helped me tackle the leftover baby weight!

To this day I haven’t had any health issues with my baby yet and he seems to be quite the smarty pants! I would like to think that I have Angie to thank!

Now pregnant with baby number two, I will definitely be seeing Angie again to help make sure I stay on track!"

Laura W.

"I am just starting out on my journey to get healthy and Angie has been a huge motivator for me! She sits me down and explains my nutrition needs, but more importantly explains WHY I need to make those changes. She has been very positive, even when I have been lacking motivation to keep going. She has shown me that even small changes can have a big impact.

She has helped me work with my injury giving me workout ideas to go around it. I have received specific meal plan (suggestions) to show me exactly what the amount of calories looked for each meal and snack. I have truly enjoyed Angelique helping me and am looking forward to meeting my goals with her!"

Edith S.

"I started to see Angelique Johnson last year. She has a unique way of handling her clients. She handles each client dealing with their own needs and problems with a understanding and caring that is very deep.

The helpful information can be a new health web site, information regarding vitamins, supplements or shopping for groceries . She also give ideas dealing with healthy substitutions for unhealthy ones.

I would recommend Angelique Johnson in heart beat no matter what your age maybe or what situation you would like to change in your life. Thank you  Angie for helping me."

Roger L.

"Working with Angelique is amazing! She’ll get you moving in the right direction with nutrition and help you set your goals. Thanks Angelique –  I’m now a much happier person! I've been able to control my sugar levels after improving my diet, and am doing much better. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I thought life was over. But Angelique has shown me that it can be made better.

With with the instructions she has given me, my eating habits have improves and I am losing weight. Her encouragement and positive outlook have spurred me on when I got discouraged. This is truly one of the best things I have done for myself.”

James P.

"Before making my first appointment with Angelique I thought I was pretty healthy and knowledgeable good about at eating right! What I learned from Angelique was a whole new world of information! She taught me how to eat to suit by body, which helped me relieve the pain that was caused by the illness I had been struggling with.

In addition to helping relieve those symptoms, I am also happier, thinking clearer, sleeping better, am less tired, and have no cravings.  I have a better relationship with food and how it affects me. Angelique encouraged me to stretch my boundaries and try a new lifestyle that I would have never thought about, and it was a true life saver. I would recommend Angelique to anyone!"

Kayah J.

"Angelique's friendly and fun style was paired with a definite interest in helping me finally lose the weight I had unsuccessfully lost in the past with dieting.

Her natural ease with me made learning interactive, easy, and fun! We went through the science of my slowed metabolism, and as it turns out, I wasn't eating enough!

Angie helped me transition back into eating the right amount to fire my metabolism back up, & recommended natural supplements to help me regain good vitamin status.

My blood test results have never been better, and I was able to drop down from a size 10 to a size 6! I've never felt more confident! Definitely take the time to schedule and appointment with her! She'll change your life!"

Sarah C.

"When my boyfriend & I got engage,  I had only 6 months to get into the best shape possible for my wedding. I was extremely motivated to fit into my dress & be beach perfect for our honeymoon!

Angelique's wedding weight loss programs WORKED and I never felt like I was starving myself or over working my body. I looked fantastic on my wedding day, and through the whole process I learned techniques that will help me live a long, healthy life! My fiancee even helped cook the healthy meals!

The proof is truly in the results! I lost the weight before the wedding and felt AMAZING in my wedding gown and on the Cancun beach! It was worth every penny to invest in my health and I’m so thankful I went with Angelique!"