Nutrition Counseling

Through nutrition counseling with a registered nutritionist, clients are assisted with mastering one of the most important foundations for great health:
a well balanced, science based approach to eating right.

Nutrition counseling helps to guide clients toward their goals by creating a wellness plan that encourages "diet-free" healthy eating while also gearing the plan toward each client's personal lifestyle and health status. Hablamos español!

First Consultation

For New Patients
  • Evaluation of current health / past medical history
  • Query of current goals
  • Evalutation of physical activity / eating habits
  • Calculation of current daily calorie needs in order to maintain, gain or lose weight
  • Contruction of a nutrition/meal plan that is customized to food preferences, schedule, and cooking abilities
  • Unlimited support via e-mail
  • Appointment time is 1 hour

Follow-Up Sessions

For Continuing Patients
  • Obstacles are identified that are prohibiting you from reaching your goals
  • Nutrition strategies are explored to help you overcome obstacles
  • Focus is placed on positive achievements in making lifestyle changes. Perfection is not the goal!
  • If used, food records are analyzed along with the opportunity for you to ask questions
  • Focus is placed on not only teaching you what to eat, but also how and when to eat.
  • Unlimited support via e-mail
  • Appointment time is 30 minutes.


12 Follow-Up Sessions
  • Meeting your goals takes time. For those dedicated clients, a package is available of 12 follow-up sessions for $580.00 (that's a $660 value!).
  • Referral Incentives: Tell your friends and family and if they make a consultation appointment plus at least one-follow up session, you'll earn one free appointment!
Areas Of Concentration:
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Cardiovascular disease
Emotional eating
Family nutrition and meal planning
Fertility nutrition
Food allergies and food intolerance
General health and wellness
Gastrointestinal disorders
Gut health
Hormonal imbalances
Older adult concerns
Overcoming cravings
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
Pediatric/developmental nutrition
Promoting a positive body image
Sports nutrition
Vegetarian/vegan nutrition
Wedding weight loss
Weight gain
Weight loss
Weight management
Women’s health
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