Grab-n-Go Healthy Homemade Trail Mix (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

healthy homemade trail mix, healthy, recipes, vegan
Have you stopped eating trail mix because it's not healthy for you? This healthy homemade trail mix will have you returning back to your more adventurous root! Homemade trail mix can be a great in-between meals snack or part of a wholesome breakfast. However, most store-bought brands of trail mix are high in sugar, unhealthy fats and preservatives. Even those that claim that they are heart-heal...
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Super Simple Homemade Mango Ice Cream

mango ice cream
Love ice cream but hate the guilt that comes with eating it? With this homemade mango ice cream, your sweet treat is also a serving of fruit! Show me a box of cookies, a slice of cake, or a pasty, and I'll gladly say no. But show me a bowl of ice cream (or a brownie, but that's a different post) and I'll be all over it! I'll pretty much eat any flavor, which is of no service to me. Let's face i...
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A Sultry And Decadent Tropical Mango Smoothie

mango smoothie, recipe
Bring a little of the tropics to your home with this creamy tropical mango smoothie! The mango is a juicy stone fruit that comes in many different varieties. The mango is native to South Asia where it has been distributed worldwide to become one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics. That's because mangoes are FREAKING DELICIOUS! Mangoes are generally sweet, although the taste and tex...
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A Green Smoothie That Doesn’t Taste Green

green smoothie
Do you know what I hate about almost every green smoothie I try? It tastes green. Yep. Although I love the beautiful bright green color that most green smoothies have, most people are completely turned off by the thought of drinking something green from a cup. For me, what stops me from drinking them is that they all taste like they I'm talking freshly mowed lawn green or moss ...
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Restoring Pineapple Chia Seed Turmeric Smoothie

If you're feeling like you need to lower inflammation in your body and cleanse your systems, this pineapple chia seed turmeric smoothie is the way to go! If there's one spice I ALWAYS have in my kitchen, it's turmeric. From cold remedies to recipes, I can probably find a way to use turmeric for just about anything (except world domination...haven't figured out that one yet). This turmeric sm...
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Warming Vegan Winter Vegetable Curry

In the mood for some Indian flavors? This vegan winter vegetable curry will satisfy your craving! I think out of all the cuisines I've tried, my absolute favorite is Indian food. The smell, the flavors...and the naan! Yum! Unfortunately, my favorite Indian restaurant closed in Miami over four years ago and I have yet to find another of it's caliber that isn't way too salty or way too expensive....
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Quick And Easy Brown Rice Vegetable Saute

Scared of eating rice because of the carbohydrates? You won't be with this brown rice vegetable saute! One of the biggest nutrition myths I think that exists is that carbs are bad for you. I've heard it all: "Carbs make you fat." "Carbs give you diabetes." "Carbs turn into sugar in your body." (Well, kind of, but I'll explain that later) "Carbs turn into fat." "Our ancestors di...
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Raspberry Peach Banana Smoothie

This raspberry peach banana smoothie is a fan favorite! Out of all my smoothie recipes, it seems that this one is the one I get asked to make for my friends a lot. I think it's because of the balance of tart and sweet. Plus, there is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING better than a perfectly ripe sweet peach. Peaches are in season as early as May and are available until late September. Living in Flo...
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The Best Vegan Lasagna You’ve Ever Tried

This vegan lasagna is a hit with vegans and meat-eaters alike! When I think of the ultimate comfort food, I think of lasagna. As a young kid, I was a really picky eater, and all I wanted to eat was bread, cheese, and tomato sauce. Hence why I was absolutely stoked when my mother would could her lasagna. Now mind you, my mother's lasagna was amazing, but I'm pretty sure back then it wasn't the h...
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Antioxidant Packed Blueberry Smoothie

There's nothing better than a refreshing drink on a hot day, and this blueberry smoothie does the trick! I absolutely love smoothies because they can be made to be a light snack or packed to become a meal replacement. This particular smoothie is more of a snack smoothie. I called this smoothie "antioxidant packed" because that's exactly what it is! The wide range of natural antioxidants found i...
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Creamy Vegan Carrot Apple Ginger Soup

This carrot apple ginger soup will be the perfect side dish for any meal. Plus, it's vegan! Sometimes your meal just needs a little color, and this soup has just that. Soup is a perfect way to start a meal. Because it's liquid based, it helps to fill up your stomach so you eat less of the higher calorie foods at dinner. The carrots, apple, and ginger cook down beautifully in this soup and pr...
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Healthy Tuna Stuffed Avocado Halves

Don't reach for mindless snacks that contain empty calories! Try this super filling but healthy tuna stuffed avocado recipe! If you start increasing the amount of exercise you do or have been recently increasing the intensity, you can bet you've not only felt stronger but also a lot hungrier! This can cause a bit of an issue when you're trying to cut back on unhealthy foods but also can't seem ...
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Camu Camu Juice: Refreshing AND Cleansing

Camu camu juice is a wonderful holistic healing elixir to add to your juice recipe collection! Camu camu is not a fruit you can probably find growing on your local farm. This fruit comes from the Amazon rainforest in Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. It is a close relative of the guavaberry and the jaboticaba and has been described as being an acidic and sour fruit. The fruit and the lea...
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Chickpea Peach Salad

Need a light salad for your Spring or Summer picnic? This chickpea peach salad will do the trick! This is one of the most delicious salads I have ever made! It's crisp, full of protein and low in sodium. Plus, you make the dressing! That's right! This is no store-bought, soggy, fattening dressing to slosh on your fresh salad and make it instead an unrecognizable goop. This dressing can be made ...
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Golden Turmeric Milk

Looking for a tasty way to include turmeric in your everyday life? Try this golden turmeric milk! Turmeric originates from India where it has been used for centuries in culinary cuisine, beauty and as a potent health remedy. This is due to it's active ingredient called curcumin. Experts have found that curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and these effects can be protective again...
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Moroccan Fish With Zucchini And Couscous

In the mood for something exotic? This Moroccan fish recipe is sure to satisfy! The is one hearty recipe! Don't feel fooled by the higher amount of fat. This recipe is full of omega-3 fatty acids, an essential part of your diet and powerful anti-inflammatory. Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Morocco's interactions and exchanges with other cultures over the centuries. Moroccan cuisine is typ...
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Fresh Tomato Bruschetta With Fresh Basil

Planning a party but don't want high calorie appetizers? Bruschetta is definitely the way to go! There's nothing better than a baked whole wheat baguette, except when it's topped with tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, onion and basil! It's very hard to stop myself from running directly to the appetizer tray at a party when I see bruschetta. The problem is, I usually have to stop myself, because I k...
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Refreshing Blueberry Watermelon Gazpacho

This gazpacho is the perfect appetizer for your outdoor Spring or Summer get-together! Gazpacho is a basic tomato-based, raw vegetable soup. Think of it almost as a liquid salad. Born in Andalucia, Spain, Gazpacho served cold is loved in many forms throughout the country. This dish is traditionally served during warmer weather, as it is refreshing and cool. Although this dish is easy to make...
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Russian Beet Borscht

This Russian beet borscht is your new favorite appetizer! Borscht is a tart soup that is popular in many East European cuisines, including Ukranian, Polish, Russian, and Ashkenazi Jewish cuisines. The beautiful red color comes from the beets, which are packed with amazing health benefits. Borscht can be served either hot or cold and can either be vegetarian or include meat or fish. Eating be...
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Ginger Tea

Have you ever tried ginger tea? One of the most healthy and beneficial plants on the earth is ginger. This root is full of medicinal properties which include reducing inflammation, stimulating better digestion and boosting your immunity. Ginger gets it's famous flavor and smell from gingerol, shogaol and zingerone - essential oils that have powerful benefits, such as: Anti-parasitic ...
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Eggplant Pizza

Love pizza but hate the calories that come with eating even one slice? Then you HAVE to try this eggplant pizza recipe! Pizza was once known as a dish for poor people and was sold in the streets and not considered a recipe for a very long time. A popular story about the coming of the traditional pizza comes from Italy where on June 11, 1889, a Neapolitan pizza maker named Raffaele Esposito crea...
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The Best Vegan Black Bean Burger Ever

If you're following a vegan or vegetarian diet or are just trying to cut back on animal fats, this vegan black bean burger will satisfy your cravings in the healthiest way possible! Let's face it, everyone loves a good burger. But with most burgers being loaded with saturated fats (and in some cases, trans fats), they're hard to enjoy if you're really focusing on improving your health. Luckily,...
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Vegan Lettuce Wraps With Almond Butter

You just can't say no to these vegan lettuce wraps! If you're tired of burritos and pita sandwiches, lettuce wraps are the newest health trend you've got to try! Cool, crispy and easy to make, this is the perfect recipe if you're wanting a quick, healthy meal. Lettuce wraps first became popular in Asian cuisines, but are now popular on the menus of many different styles of restaurants. This ...
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Detoxifying And Cleansing Parsley Juice

Needing to detox your liver and cleanse your kidneys? Try this amazing parsley juice recipe! Parsley is an herb that is widely used in European, Middle Eastern and American cooking. It is native to the central Mediterranean region and was naturalized in other areas of Europe. Parsley is rich in many vitamins and minerals, plus a slew of cancer preventing agents, chlorophyll and healthy oils. ...
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All Natural Fruit Popsicle – Cucumber and Banana

Love popsicles but want a healthier alternative for you and your kids? Try this amazing all natural homemade fruit popsicle made with cucumber and banana! If there is one thing kids and adults both love, it's popsicles. Whether enjoyed on a hot summer day after swimming in the pool, use to help cool off at the beach, or eaten as an after-school snack, popsicles are a fun and refreshing way to g...
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Crock Pot Healthy Beef Chili

healthy beef chili
Hungry? Don't want to be cooking when you get home from a long day? Then this healthy beef chili recipe is perfect for you and your family! Whether it's tailgating and cheering for your favorite team with family friends or just wanting to warm up on a cold night, this healthy beef chili is great for your heart and super easy to make. Why? Because my recipe calls for the use of one of the most a...
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Anti Inflammatory Celery Juice

anti inflammatory celery juice
If you want to get rid of inflammation for good than this anti inflammatory celery juice recipe is for you. Research has consistently shown that celery contains very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is due to two unique compounds found in celery called polyacetylenes and luteolin. Luteolin is an antioxidant flavanoid that possesses powerful anti inflammatory abilities. The polyace...
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Homemade Kimchi

Kimchi is a staple in Korean diets. In fact, Koreans eat approximately 40 pounds of it per person each year!  The reddish fermented cabbage dish is served at every meal, either alone or mixed with rice or noodles. It's high-fiber content and low-fat qualities help keep the people of Korea slim. Kimchi is loaded with vitamins A, B, and C. Kimchi is also a fermented food, containing the healt...
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Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry

teriyaki beef stir fry
Where's the beef? That's right, even beef can fit into a healthy diet as long as you choose lean cuts. This teriyaki beef stir fry is an amazing example of how the stigma against beef is totally wrong. You CAN include beef into your diet and still be heart healthy. One of the healthiest ways to prepare this tasty meat is in a beef stir fry. As a nutrient dense red meat, beef contains a number o...
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Ground Turkey Zucchini Boats With Tomato And Vegetables

zucchini boats
It's Fall, so zucchini's a full stock at the grocery store and farmer's market just waiting to be turned into an amazing these zucchini boats! What I love about this recipe is that it uses everyday kitchen staples and helps you get not only two servings of veggies into dinner, but also tons of fiber without the added carbohydrates! Plus, zucchini boats look beautiful on the plate! ...
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Detoxifying Lentil, Asparagus, And Spinach Soup

lentil asparagus spinach soup vegan
You ever have one of those nights where you have to do grocery shopping in the morning and barely have anything left to make dinner with? BAM! The Lentil Asparagus and Spinach Soup was born! So easy to make, and full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants! This is definitely the perfect detoxifying and delicious meal for two! Lentils are detoxifying because they help to reduce blood cholesterol si...
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Vegan Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

nutritionist, nutrition, nutritionist miami, weight loss, recipes, vegan, pumpkin, pancakes, breakfast
Remember Sunday morning when dad would cook pancakes? This recipe will bring you right back home to the breakfast table. And because it's fall, adding some pumpkin spice to the mix will have everyone in the family begging for more! Best of all, even your vegans friends can partake in these round discs of perfection. Eating pumpkin is good for the heart! The fiber, potassium and vitamin C conten...
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Carrot Pineapple Muffins (Vegetarian)

nutritionist, nutrition, nutritionist miami, weight loss, recipes, vegetarian, muffins, carrots, pineapples
There's no reason to omit muffins from your diet with this recipe! These vegetarian carrot pineapple muffins are perfect as part of your breakfast or for a quick mid-morning or afternoon snack! Most of the benefits of carrots can be attributed to their beta carotene and fiber content. This root vegetable is also a good source of antioxidant agents. Carrots are also rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vi...
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Salmon Salad Made with Kunachia

nutritionist, nutrition, nutritionist miami, weight loss, recipes, chia, salmon, probiotics
They say that abs are made in the kitchen, and they're right. And what better way to do that with salmon, vegetables, and everyone's favorite superfood: chia! Have you heard about the benefits of chia? What about the benefits of probiotics? What if you could get the best of both worlds with one product? The people at Kunachia were amazing enough to send me a free sample of their Organic Chia + ...
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Hemp Seed, Peach, and Cottage Cheese Pancakes

weight loss, lose weight, hemp seed, pancakes, recipe
What to do when you don't have much in the fridge and you want a hearty breakfast? Throw it together! These Hemp Seed, Peach, and Cottage Cheese Pancakes were a result of just that. They're fluffy, full of fiber, and gluten-free too! Hemp seed is your superfood answer to a sluggish metabolism, a wrecked gastrointesinal tract, and unbalanced hormones. For many years, hemp seed was avoided becaus...
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Vegan Pear Bread

weight loss, recipes, pear bread, vegan, healthy, weight loss, nutrition
Are you vegan? Love bread but can't find many without eggs, milk, or butter? Then do I have the recipe for you! This vegan pear bread is so good, even your meat-eating friends will be begging you for the recipe!  Pears are one of the highest-fiber fruits, offering six grams per medium-sized fruit, helping you meet your daily requirement of 25 to 30 grams. Filling up on fiber keeps you regular t...
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Blueberry Blackberry Pancakes

nutritionist, nutrition, nutritionist miami, weight loss, recipes, pancakes, breakfast
Woke up this morning thinking, "Hmmmm....PANCAKES!" This recipe is perfect for two, or double it for a family of four. Whole grains, a serving of fruit, and they're low sodium to boot! Blueberries and blackberries might be small, but their big on health! They're rich in nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals which may help prevent and even reverse the effects of aging, cardiovascular diseas...
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Vegan Slow-Cooker Banana Walnut Oatmeal

nutritionist, nutrition, nutritionist miami, weight loss, recipes, vegan, oatmeal, banana
Not eating breakfast because you feel like you just don't have the time? Well that excuse isn't going to fly anymore! This Vegan Slow-Cooker Banana Walnut Oatmeal is the kind of breakfast you make the night before. That's right, pull out your slow-cooker and get this easy breakfast going before you go to bed. Eating breakfast is integral for living a healthy life. If you feel as though you're n...
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Kale, Sweet Potato, and Egg Hash

nutritionist, nutrition, nutritionist miami, weight loss, recipes, vegetarian, egg, kale, sweet potato
Do you love kale? Over the holiday, we visited my in-laws, which of course meant taking home some of my mother-in-laws expertly grown organic kale! And what better way to use it then to create a delicious recipe! This amazingly easy delight can made made for breakfast, lunch, or as a healthy afternoon snack! And what an amazing way to get your greens in! Kale is LOADED with antioxidants like beta...
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