Mary L.

“Angie is a gift from god! Having struggled to get pregnant for 3 years I finally conceived! I was nervous about a miscarriage but didn’t want to give up my pescatarian eating habits (def- a person that eats like a vegetarian but also eats fish) and wanted to make sure my baby zygote was getting all the nutrition it needed to grow strong and healthy; I decided to get some professional help from a nutritionist.

With Angie’s help I was able to manage my weight gain, tackle the aches and pains of pregnancy, and conquer the evil food cravings of Blizzards from Dairy Queen. She helped me overcome nausea, heartburn, and acid reflux as well as helped me find ways to make sure I was drinking enough water to stay hydrated.  I felt confident that I was eating the right foods to make sure my baby was getting a balanced diet while still being able to stick to my original diet choices.

Sure enough, 9 months later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy! The doctor was impressed he came out clean as a whistle (a sign of balanced ph) and was attached to the healthiest umbilical chord she had ever seen. Even after my baby was born, Angie helped me make sure I was eating a healthy breastfeeding diet and helped me tackle the leftover baby weight!

To this day I haven’t had any health issues with my baby yet and he seems to be quite the smarty pants! I would like to think that I have Angie to thank!

Now pregnant with baby number two, I will definitely be seeing Angie again to help make sure I stay on track!”